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Watches Tissot T-Trend T-Round Lady, official price catalog updated in Barcelona

The collection of watches Tissot T-Round, characterized by its modern design, is pure emotion. His superb style is reflected in details like the area, a perfect circle that flows smoothly into the box giving it a striking appearance of accuracy.

This is an original proposal in the collection of womens quartz watches Tissot T-Round, a fresh touch, fun yet glamorous.

The new Tissot T-Round presents a modern and unique design making it a piece that goes with any look. In addition, its perfect size, making it both a timepiece and a bracelet to give it a chic and sophisticated woman wrist twist.
Has a simple design, but at this minimalism where the beauty in a simple and well worked lines, perfectly accompanying the sphere. In addition, some models have diamonds on the bezel, preserving exquisite design.