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Grand Seiko

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Half a century ago with the simple idea of creating the ideal clock, was born the legend of Grand Seiko watch. Each Grand Seiko watch should be as accurate, legible, durable and easy to carry as humanly possible. Nothing more, nothing less. During these times, the Grand Seiko watch-makers have selected the best materials, designed and manufactured revolutionary movements and traditional craftsmanship used to create watches that are hand in its simple sophistication, perfect expressions of what is essential for a clock bracelet.

The history of manufacturing Grand Seiko has been the story of the dedication of a team to refine the seemingly simple idea to create the "ideal clock". Lovers Watches in Japan have long enjoyed the pleasure and satisfaction of owning a Grand Seiko watch. Now, the world Grand Seiko is open to all.

Although times change and Seiko watch technology has evolved rapidly, the spirit and essence of Grand Seiko remain the same. For fifty years, Grand Seiko watch has excelled in the same simple but exacting ideals. And it will be for the next fifty years and beyond.

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Grand Seiko watches, simply the best of Seiko.

The Grand Seiko watches offer not only a series of mechanical caliber 9S (watch that blends modern technology and craftsmanship, accurate world-class), but also a number of unique Spring Drive caliber 9R (the only watch in the world with movement the sliding load needles mainspring), and the caliber of high-precision quartz 9F (breaks with the conventions of quartz we are accustomed).

All Grand Seiko calibers were created under the same foundation: high accuracy, readability and reliability.

 In Laguarda we have the official release of Grand Seiko watches.