4309 | L.Bruat 29 m/m esf. negra

4309 L.Bruat LB29 m/m black dial and steel bezel. Laguarda Joiers, official dealer of l. Bruat watches in Barcelona. 


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Brand L.Bruat
Movement Quartz
Dial Color Black
Bracelet Rubber
Size Female/Cadet

L. Bruat 4309 watch

L.Bruat  watch with steel case of 29 m / m, Swiss quartz movement, black dial, steel bezel, black rubber strap, steel folding clasp, date ant 3h, sapphire crystal, water resistance to 100 meters.

About 4309 L.Bruat watch:

The Swiss watch brand L.BRUAT was created in 2003 by the artist Laurent Bruat, from Neuchâtel (Switzerland).
Its watches with diameters of 29, 36, 40 and 44.5 mm mix a classic, modern and sporty style; which makes L.BRUAT a watch for all types of occasions and that never goes out of style.
L.BRUAT perfects and improves its scarafandre-shaped design, and this is what we see in the 4309 model. The "Mooncrown" logo of L.Bruat is based on the punch that his grandfather, León Bruat, used to mark the watch cases he manufactured and which represented the 2 Roman Empires: the moon, the Eastern Empire and the crown, the Western Empire.

“In 1933, my father, while still a child, inherited a beautiful box from my grandfather. In it there were some old clockwork pieces and elements. My father kept it all his life, not knowing the importance of its contents, but a few years ago I inherited it... When I opened it, I was fascinated by one of the mechanisms that slept in that old box: it was the machinery of an unknown watch, the model, the prototype. of a brilliant idea that my grandfather, a watchmaker and great musician, did not have time to finish while he was alive. It is a Chronométronome, that is what my grandfather named it. That is, the sum of a stopwatch and a metronome. His extraordinary love for music and his passion for watchmaking led him to design a special mechanism that worked in time to create this magnificent watch that was never manufactured.
I think we still have time to materialize a great dream locked up for so many years in this enigmatic box that will finally see the light.” L. Bruat
At Laguarda Joiers we are specialists in L.Bruat watches and one of its more than 100 points of sale in Europe. Ask us.

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