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 What began in 1861 in Schramberg with the founding of the Junghans watch company, has evolved rapidly to become one of the most fascinating success stories of the German watch industry.

The demands regarding watches may have changed since those times, but the philosophy of Junghans remains the same. An innovative spirit and the constant search for precision down to the last detail characterize the way of thinking and acting of all Junghans workers. With the impetus of the business family Steim de Schramberg the company has acquired a new splendor.

The commitment to the location of the Schramberg production is evident and visible in each of the watches of the Junghans brand. Since the Junghans program is so varied, it follows a maxim: to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern watchmaking technology and an exciting design. This makes each of the watches with the star something so unique that we can proudly say: JUNGHANS - THE GERMAN WATCH

The Junghans watches of tomorrow are created in the design department of Schramberg. The Junghans watchmaker's factory combines inspiration and tradition, as well as current market developments and proven Junghans values. From the original idea, through the first design sketch, to the 3D visualization in CAD: it takes a lot of time to create the perfect Junghans watch. The starting point of the design process is, in addition to inspiration, the issue of the drive. The decision on which mechanism will trigger the clock, whether a mechanical, radio controlled, solar controlled or quartz, is very important for the proportions and measurements of the watch. The technical circumstances, the ergonomic details, as well as the design of the sphere, down to the smallest detail, everything is well thought out and adapted to the other. After the design is modeled in a 3D program and checked if its manufacture is feasible. The condition is always transmit the rich tradition of Junghans; since every new watch must carry the reinterpreted identity of the Junghans brand and the product line.

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