Casio Edifice watches in Laguarda Joiers

Casio Edifice watches are the classic and most durable watches in the industry.

Like all watches from the Japanese watchmaker Casio, the Casio Edifice family also stands out for its high quality finish and robust structure. The case of the Edifice series watches is made of solid stainless steel and scratch-resistant mineral crystal. The case back is screwed and provides greater safety and maximum comfort. This way the complicated internal mechanism is perfectly protected and at the same time provides easy access for changing e.g. the battery.

Casio Edifice watches and chronographs are water resistant up to 10 bar (100 meters deep) - some models even up to 20 bar. Their low power consumption allows long battery life. On the other hand, some models of the EDIFICE series have an ecological option and are powered by solar energy, so changing the battery is no longer necessary.

Casio continues to develop its advanced technologies and skills as a manufacturer to push the limits of watch evolution. 


About Casio's history:

In addition, the Casio brand was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in April 1946 and has more than 70 years of experience in the watchmaking world. Since its inception, Casio's corporate credo has been "creativity and contribution. The word Casio expresses the company's commitment to contribute to society by offering the kind of original and useful products that only Casio can offer. The products of the Casio watch brand have the most innovative features and help people in their daily lives and move society forward. These watches also bring joy to people and help create a new culture. When even a single new product is widely adopted, completely new markets are developed, and this in turn encourages growth in related industries.

This is the story of Casio's contribution to society's innovative products that improve people's lives. The Casio Creativity Charter is a statement of the company's commitment to the world and an internal guide designed to ensure that each member of the Casio Group practices Casio's corporate credo of "creativity and contribution. The Casio Code of Conduct is the essential guide to the daily work of all Casio employees.

The Casio watch brand is characterized by a wide range of attractive watches, both sporty and classic. Casio takes care of the excellence of its watches and is a pioneer in design, with an elegant touch. With one of the most spectacular manufacturing workshops, Casio watches offer an ideal working environment in the sectors of producing movement components, calibre, watch assembly and extensive quality control.

In Laguardajoiers we have all the Casio Edifice watches, ask us and we will advise you in a personalized way.

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  1. EQB-2000DB-1AER |  Reloj Casio Edifice Solar SOSPENSIONE ECB-2000
    Tissot T114.417.11.057.00 PRC 200 Chronograph Quartz
  2. ECB-2000SS-2AER | Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE 50 aniversario de los relojes Casio Modelo Limitado
    ECB-2000SS-2AER | Casio EDIFICE SOSPENSIONE 50 aniversario de los relojes Casio Limited
  3. EFR-S567D-1AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
    EFR-S567D-1AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
  4. EFR-S567D-2AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
    EFR-S567D-2AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
  5. EFR-S567DC-1AVUEF | Reloj Casio Edifice Classic Collection EFR-S567DC-1AVUEF
    EFR-S567DC-1AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
  6. ECB-900DB-1AER | Reloj Casio Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER
    ECB-900DB-1AER | Casio Edifice
  7. ECB-900DB-1BER | Reloj Casio Edifice ECB-900DB-1BER
    ECB-900DB-1BER | Casio Edifice
  8. EFR-S107D-1AVUEF | Reloj Casio Edifice Classic Collection EFR-S107D-1AVUEF
    EFR-S107D-1AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
  9. EFR-S107L-1AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
    EFR-S107L-1AVUEF | Casio Edifice Classic Collection
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