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Certina is one of the international watch brands with the greatest tradition in Switzerland. Since its inception the brand Certina has developed strong ties with the sport and, in particular, with the exciting world driven by technology and precision representing motorsport. Asocisción perfect from start to finish.

The Certina watches are characterized by: Reliability - precision - innovation. These key for Certina, principles serve as a guide for the Swiss watch company, allowing you to quickly consolidate its position in the international watch industry.

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  1. C038.462.16.037.00 Certina Heritage DS Chronograph automatic
    C038.462.16.037.00 Certina Heritage Colection DS Chronograph automatic
  2. C017.410.11.037.00 Certina DS Caimano Gent Laguarda Joiers.com
    Certina DS C017.410.11.037.00 Caiman Gent
  3. Certina DS-4 Gent Big Size Certina DS-4 Big Size Gent C022.610.36.081.00
    Certina C022.610.36.081.00 DS 4 Gent Big Size
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