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The history of the watch was always the pursuit of increased accuracy, miniaturization and greater power reserve. Junghans attained a leading position here with numerous world firsts. The number of patents is in itself evidence of the company’s ambition, know-how and inventiveness. Junghans has had more than 3,000 patents registered.

By 1956, the company was already the third-largest chronometer manufacturer in the world and as early as 1967, engineers at Junghans were working on precise time measurement using the newly discovered quartz technology. And a mere three years later, Junghans presented the first German quartz wristwatch. It was only a matter of time before Junghans became the first manufacturer to introduce a serial produced radio-controlled table clock using this technology in 1985.


By 1990, Junghans engineers had miniaturized the radio-controlled technology to such an extent that they were able to integrate it in a watch: the “Mega 1” was the world’s first radio-controlled wristwatch. Developed in collaboration with FROG Design, it featured impressive advanced technology and a futuristic design. The antenna was incorporated in the strap.

In 1993, solar cells were employed to supply the electrical energy for the first time in the Mega Solar. After that, developments came thick and fast: in 1994 the engineers succeeded in integrating the antenna in a non-metallic housing and just one year later, Junghans successfully combined the radio-controlled solar technology with the high-tech material ceramics. In 1999, the Junghans engineers overcame the screening effect of the Faraday cage and fitted a radio-controlled movement with integral antenna in a metal housing.

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