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Watches Tissot T-Trend Lady Flamingo, for women

The clean lines of the Tissot T-Trend relj lady Flamingo are a perfect simplicity, make it a clock of a beauty in its purest form. It represents the minimalism and modernity effortlessly. An elegant piece of jewelry called to be a classic that never gets old.

The quartz watch Tissot Flamingo Women, it has the elegance and sobriety, with its forms, this piece is ideal to dress and wear a discreet and beautiful jewel.

The Flamingo Tissot watch is a no less beautiful for women. Presents a beautiful forms, giving an aspect of current gem, thanks to the combination of its sphere and round box and thin belt or bracelet with a simple design, it is perfect in its simplicity.
Available in several different colors in the area and different materials and colors for the field or cuff.
There is a Tissot ideal for every woman or occasion and Flamingo Jewelry Laguarda we can advise you personally have official catalog and prices.